What’s Cooking Jimmy?

Hi there!

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I certainly don’t need another hobby, but a couple of friends of mine have (rightfully) been boasting about their slow-cook-by-smoke bbq grills and both used the terms “it will change your life”….maybe so, but frankly a 3 hour effort for a 3 minute steak was not part of the business plan, let alone $500 in accessories.

The three main manufacturers of ceramic-based grills are Green Egg, Primo and the one I bought which is called a Kamado Joe.com. It’s the 18 inch model. The ceramic wall thickness has amazing heat retention and can be easily controlled by the top and bottom vents. Contrary to popular belief, only takes 15-20 minutes to get ready to cook. I’m not a purist, but I like the idea of no gas, no propellant, lighter fluid, while cooking. 

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It truly is a hobby in time consuming food preparation and cooking but at the end of the day the meals are out of this world. 

So far, it has been a lot of fun “work”, but at the same time, most rewarding…considering my passion for cooking has been limited to Keurig, soup, and the typical range of things on the Napoleon grills.

Janet and I work together on these great meals. She is great in the kitchen preparing everything and all I have to do is have a glass of wine by the Kamado Joe with some Diana Krall playing!

Check out my pics of my recent cooking adventures….more to tell about how things tasted than the actual pictures!

I obviously have not invented anything and frankly, I along with 20,000 other users, rely on learning how to do things on the Kamado Joe on YouTube! 

Click here for the Kamado Joe channel on YouTube

Here’s a link to some of the cooking projects I have worked on lately. 

Click Here for the slide show!