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Updated: October 17, 2017

Hi there.

NEWS: I now have a TPASC email address:

This is  your backup zone for details on the TPASC Masters Swim Club. I control and design this web space so look here for any changes and notes from me.

Training Program:

We swim 8:30 - to - 10:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays in the competition pool at TPASC. This will not change and if it does, or if there is an error on the TPASC web site, please refer to this page for updates

For Sundays, we swim 6:30 - to - 8:00am, typically in the diving tank. Due to my other meet filming responsibilities with , my own attendance at Sundays is hit-and-miss. I will let you know when there are changes to my own calendar.


All videos are found on YouTube.



FEB 9, 2017  Videos

TPASC Masters Freestyle

TPASC Masters Underwater Freestyle

TPASC Masters Choice of Stroke

Feb 21, 2017 Videos

TPASC Masters Choice #1

TPASC Masters Choice #2

Feb 21, 2017 Videos

TPASC Masters - Slow Motion Starts

Jim Snow

Cell: (289) 314-9372